What is an Autism-Friendly Training?

The award winning Autism-Friendly trainings were created by the nonprofit group Stars for Autism. The basic Autism-Friendly training is a full-day training which allows attendees to understand what autism is and how to interact with those on the autism spectrum. This training promotes awareness of the social, sensory, and environmental barriers which affect individuals who have autism. Educators, therapists, government employees, and professionals across a variety of settings, gain valuable information for working with, serving, and interacting with individuals with autism. This training provides a valuable resource for anyone in any setting to better understand and interact with those with autism spectrum disorder.

Who Should Complete an Autism-Friendly Training?

Cities like Battlefield and Bolivar, MO have completed the Blueprint for an Autism-Friendly City Training and many organizations and professionals such as police offices, first responders, church staff, educators, and bus drivers have completed Autism-Friendly trainings. If you are an individual, group, business, or organization who works with, serves, or has contact with individuals with autism, this training is designed for you!

How to Receive Training

We have three ways for you to get trained! Choose the option that best meets your needs. 1) Host us, and we will come to you and facilitate a training. 2) Attend our yearly summer training in July. 3) Complete the online training.

  1. We Will Come to You!
    Contact us if you would like to host an Autism Friendly training. You can tailor the one-day training to address the specific needs of your business, group, or organization. View the Autism-Friendly Training Information sheet for all the details on hosting a training.
  2. Attend our Yearly Two-Day Summer Training!
    Each year in July we host a two-day training in Springfield, MO. Day one presents the Autism Friendly training and Day Two present the Train the Presenter Training. Come join us or send a representative from your business, group, or organization. Check back for more information soon.
  3. Complete our Autism-Friendly Online Training! 
    Can’t attend an in-person training – complete our online training. This training covers all the Autism-Friendly training in an online/home study format. This option is perfect for those who cannot travel to a training or prefer an online format. Register for the Autism Friendly Online Training here! 

First Lady of Missouri, Teresa Parson endorses Stars Autism-Friendly Training!


We want to connect you with an Autism-Friendly Training!

Contact us by phone 417-755-9042 or by email [email protected] for more information.