AutPlay Therapy was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant and is an integrative family play therapy approach for helping to address the mental health needs of autistic children, neurodivergent children, and their families. It combines the therapeutic approaches of play therapy together in an integrative model to assist children and adolescents with various mental health concerns. AutPlay Therapy involves parents and child as co-change agents/partners in the process.

AutPlay Therapy is a neurodiversity informed and affirming process designed to value the individual child and highlight their strengths as well as guide areas of intervention, goals, and approaches for addressing the needs of the child and family. The AutPlay framework consists of a foundation in the neurodiversity paradigm (affirming principles) and the integration of various play therapy theories and approaches.

The therapeutic powers of play (core change agents) are utilized to address a variety of possible needs including emotional regulation struggles, social navigation needs, engagement/connection growth, anxiety and fear reduction, sensory challenges, executive functioning struggles, depression and self-esteem issues, trauma issues, advocacy, stigmatization, identity appreciation, the social model of disability, autonomy, inclusion needs, and parent/child relationship struggles.

AutPlay Therapy incorporates a parents as co-change agents component which teaches parents how to conduct AutPlay play therapy interventions at home. Parents learn the procedures and techniques and are shown how to have play times and implement interventions at home to help address various mental health needs. AutPlay Therapy involves both the child and the parent in the therapeutic process and uses a play therapy base that is not only a natural language of the child but enables the parent to be involved with their child in a way that addresses needs within a fun and connecting process.

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