We provide many in office and in home mental health and educational services. The following is a brief explanation of the services we offer. If you would like more information, or have any questions, please contact our office at 417-755-9042 or [email protected]

Note: email, phone, and social media correspondence is not typically an encrypted nor HIPAA compatible means of transferring and sharing information you might want kept confidential. If contacting us and leaving a message through one of  these methods please keep information brief and do not disclose details or personally sensitive information.

Individual Therapy

Individual TherapyChildren, adolescents, and adults seek counseling for a variety of reasons. We provide Individual therapy for anyone dealing with mental health issues or a diagnosis such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Adjustment Disorders. We provide Individual therapy to address and provide help for many environmental issues including: anger management, grief and loss, divorce/separation, work stress, job displacement, and life transitions.

Family Therapy

Family TherapyFamily therapy involves the whole family or at least some of the family members meeting together with the therapist to work primarily on family related issues. Through family therapy, we help families or individuals within a family understand and improve the way family members interact with each other and resolve conflicts. We work with the family unit and the problem or issues that are affecting the family and how the issue(s) may be impacting each member of the family. The reasons families may seek counseling include: parenting Issues, life transitions/changes, divorce, grief or loss, substance abuse, financial changes/difficulties, relationships problems, and domestic abuse/violence. We also provide specific approaches such as Family Play Therapy, Filial Therapy and Child Parent Relationship Therapy.

TeleMental Health or TeleBehavioral Therapy

Our clinic offers mental health services though a  tele process – this is defined as therapy services conducted via an online platform (video meeting) or by phone. Our clinic utilizes a HIPAA compatible video platform when conducting tele sessions. This modality offers benefits of providing therapy to those who cannot physical be present in the clinic. These services are currently offered for children, adults, and families who are residents in the state of Missouri.

Professional and Parent Trainings

Professional and Parent TrainingsOur clinic provides continuing education training for professionals and several educational trainings for parents. Our clinic is an approved continuing education provider for many organizations and licensures. Our training schedule is typically posted on the trainings page of our website. If you are a professional or parent who would like to receive individual training on a particular topic or issue we can also arrange for individualized trainings including in home parent training.

Life Coaching and Consultation Services

Coaching and Consultations are available in person, by phone, or video conference. Dr. Grant works with individuals, families, groups and organizations. Coaching and Consultation can be a short term engagement on one specific topic or ongoing covering broader topics. Occasionally teaching or training will be part of the engagement. More information can be found about our coaching and consultation services on the coaching and consultations page of this website.

Group Therapy

Group TherapyGroup therapy involves a small group (usually 6-8 people) meeting with the therapist. Our groups strive to give support, offer alternatives, and comfort members in such a way that difficulties become resolved and alternative behaviors are learned. During group therapy, people begin to see that they are not alone and that there is hope and help. Group therapy also provides individuals the opportunity to learn new skills and ways of handling situations and circumstances. Typical group therapy sessions offered include: anger management, parent training, social skills development, autism movement therapy classes.

AutPlay Therapy and Autism Screenings

Autism TherapyAutPlay Therapy is an integrative family play therapy approach designed to help meet the mental health needs of autistic children, neurodivergent children, and their families. AutPlay Therapy can address a variety of mental health needs including trauma, regulation issues, relationship development, parent/child strain, social navigation, and life adjustment issues. AutPlay Therapy approach involves parents and child as co-change agents/partners in the process. AutPlay Therapy is a natural play based approach that is effective, engaging, and fun for the child and parent. We also offer autism and neurodevelopmental disorder screenings.

In-Home Therapy

In-home servicesIn-home therapy provides a convenient and unique way to gain therapy services without traveling to a clinic. Processional therapists will come to your home and provide therapy and educational services. In home therapists maintain the same level of confidentiality and provide the same types of services you would find in the clinic. If you have questions about how in home therapy works or would like to take advantage of this service, call our office today and get started!

Psychological Evaluations and Testing

Parent TrainingPsychological Evaluations use advanced interviewing techniques as well as a personalized battery of tests to answer questions about your cognitive functioning, academic achievement, social-emotional health, attention and concentration, and development in order to plan for treatment or make decisions that best fit with your strengths and weaknesses. We provide psychological evaluations and testing for children and adult clients. We can address a comprehensive range of issues for children and teens.

Play Therapy

Play TherapyPlay Therapy is a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on the normal communicative and learning processes of children. The curative powers inherent in play are used in many ways: Therapists strategically utilize play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when they do not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings. In play therapy, toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language. Through play, therapists may help children learn more adaptive behaviors when there are emotional or social skills deficits. Our Play Therapy approaches are facilitated by Registered Play Therapists using state of the art play therapy rooms. For more information on Play Therapy visit The Association for Play Therapy website.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR TherapyWe provide EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, which integrates elements of imaginal exposure, cognitive therapy, psychodynamic and somatic therapies. EMDR has been successfully implemented to treat Post Traumatic Stress disorder, anxiety issues, and various trauma related issues. EMDR uses a structured eight-phase approach and addresses the past, present, and future aspects of the dysfunctionally stored memory. When the distressing or traumatic event is an isolated incident, the symptoms can often be cleared with one to three EMDR sessions. But when multiple traumatic events contribute to a health problem—such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, parental neglect, severe illness, accident, injury, or health-related trauma that result in chronic impairment to health and well-being—the time to heal may be longer. For more information visit the EMDR Institute Inc. website.