Many parents from around the country contact us to learn more about AutPlay® Therapy (a family play therapy approach for working with children and families affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders). AutPlay has a significant parent training component where parents are trained in implementing AutPlay techniques at home with their child. Many parents cannot attend regular sessions at the AutPlay Clinic in Springfield, Missouri, so we created an intensive two-day training that parents can attend and learn the AutPlay Therapy principles to apply at home with their child.

How: Call, fax, or email our office to schedule a Friday/Saturday date for your intensive training that works best for you! phone 417-755-9042, fax 855-425-0096, or email

When: You will coordinate with one of our certified providers a two-day period that works best for both schedules. All two-day parent intensive trainings are held on a Friday and Saturday from 10:00am – 5:00pm with a one hour lunch break.

Where: Intensive parent trainings are conducted at the Robert Jason Grant AutPlay Therapy Clinic in Springfield, MO. Visit the AutPlay Therapy website under the trainings tab to find hotel information.

Cost: Total cost for the two-day intensive training is $1,350 per couple. Parents can join with one other couple and receive a discount rate of $1,050 per couple. Because intensive trainings are designed to be specific to the family being worked with, no more than two sets of couples can participate in an intensive training.

Additional Information: Parents will meet and train with Dr. Grant and his colleagues and receive an AutPlay Parent Notebook, A copy of the AutPlay Therapy Handbook, A copy of the Parent-Led Social Skills Groups Handbook, and a complimentary copy of the Missouri Autism Report as part of their registration cost. Parents will also have follow-up access to consult with one of our AutPlay professionals after they return home.

For more information view our AutPlay Intensive Parent Training Flier!

What parents are saying

“I love the idea behind Autplay of teaching and learning through play and I know that because of this teaching process it becomes engrained in his memory. My son has enriched my perspective on all things, and opened my mind with his endless fascination of asking questions about any and everything”.

“AutPlay therapy has helped my son in so many ways! I didn’t know what to expect when we started, but within just a few weeks, he was talking more. Over time he began to play with toys appropriately, pretend play, and initiate play with me! I love being given the tools to work with my son at home as well, because it allows many opportunities in our daily life to implement what he is learning in AutPlay therapy. Through AutPlay therapy, I am learning to communicate with my son in a way that is fun for him”!

“As a parent of multiple children on the autism spectrum, I found this training to be extremely helpful and insightful. I discovered so many useful tools that I cannot wait to take home and use to help my children”.

“Dr. Grant does and excellent job presenting current information regarding Autism and developmental disorders and thoroughly explaining the AutPlay Therapy process”.